Serious games are games that are used to teach problem solving skills and are based on real world problems or events.They can simulate issues like the Arab-Israeli conflict, world hunger, the genocide in Darfur, and many more. Serious games are unique because they inform you about these issues and let you try to solve them without bias or harm. These games can truly change the world.

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What is Gamifi-ed?

Gamifi-ed is a group of students and educators that are collaborating to debunk the myth of the educational "app store." Most company app stores include games that are not tested by teachers or students. In our effort to change the world, we are here to create our own online encyclopedia of serious games. Every game is tested by students and educators using a research-based rubric to use in evaluating the games.

Game Mechanics

We're also learning about game mechanics and Bartle's Player Types in order to link together game theory and education. Not only are we reviewing games for change, but we have a selection of games for education, health and fitness, and ‍simulations‍. It is our goal that games with a Gamifi-ed score of 20 or higher will be analyzed for Game Mechanics. We may or may not include the mechanics for other games.

Join Us!

If you're an educator or homeschooling parent and you have students who love games, sign up to do reviews for games we've already written about or to create your own review using the guidelines here. (Sorry, if you wrote the game or are paid with a gaming company, you can suggest the game, but you aren't allowed to review the game.)

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We've also been part of an Open Online Community who is researching, recording and sharing about gaming in learning and we hope you'll check out our YouTube channel for the latest stories.

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