Welcome to the #Gamifi-ED WikiInspired by the Educurious Path to Panem: Hunger Games PBL module, in this project, students and educators will work together on a project that:
Empowers students to create seriously (fun) games to solve the world's serious problems.
Quest 1: February 1- March 1, 2014 1) Examine and investigate: Serious Games - students will create a wiki defining serious games and identifying serious games that they evaluate in preparation for a presentation at the end of the OOC experience. Higher ed teachers are mentoring students as they work. 2) Participate in the #Gamifi-Ed Open Online Community (OOC)which is a two week networked experience. (Feb 12-Feb 26, 2013) Learners from around the world will participate in Google Hangouts, facilitate Twitter chats, create videos, sit on panels and provide webinars that will be recorded and curated in the #Gamifi-Ed OOC wiki. Students in the project and future students will be able to use the experts in their personalized research of serious games and game design.
Quests 2/3: March 1- May 15, 2014 1) Middle/High School Students - Create Game Design and Minecraft (Application) - the intent is that students will use what they have learned about serious gaming in order to create one in Minecraft. 2) Higher Ed Student Program (EDET 668)

#Gamifi-ED Quests: (The details)
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  • Higher Education Quests:

  • In-service teachers and training professionals at the University of Alaska Southeast and the Gamifi-ED P4 Challenge - Graduate Students at the University of Alaska Southwest EDET 668 (Educational Technology Leadership) will participate in the exploration of potential tools and engage in planning of a Problem Based Learning Experience in serious games for students aged 13+ led by Dr. Lee Graham. They will serve as facilitators for the experience, and as judges for each stage of the experience. If you are interested in this portion of the project, contact Dr. Graham.

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  • Students aged 13 and older and the Gamifi-ED P4 Challenge:

  • Quest 1:Students will examine serious games, game design and why games can be considered a learning tool. Students will create assessment tools to measure how “serious” games can be.
  • Quest 2: Based on their serious games research, in groups, the students will create a video about the type of game they would create in Minecraft in order to solve the world’s serious problems. The winning video will be used to design and create a game in Minecraft following the premise and intent of the game.

P4 Challenge: Which game is the most engaging and would be the most successful serious game?
Pick a P4 Challenge Winner then…...Application Form Click __HERE__

Lead Gamemaker: Contact Vicki Davis
Lead Minecraft Gamemaker: Contact Colin Osterhout

Application Form Click HERE

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  • Quest 3:Gamification using Minecraft
  • This special part of the project is optional but we hope to have 50-100 students creating a mod in Minecraft based upon the student-sourced winner of the P4 Challenge in order to create a game that promotes sustainability and conservation while incorporating elements from the Hunger Games novels. Students who participate in this phase must participate in the earlier elements of the project, however if you wish to volunteer as an advisor or in a leadership role, contact Colin Osterhout to participate.

If you want to know about the timeline or applying to join spend some time on the site to see if this intensive project that meets every ISTE Nets standard for students will meet your needs. Realize that this project is in ALPHA, meaning that although many of the techniques and technologies have been tested, they have not been used in quite this way with students. We want to be innovative and push the meaning of co-creation in new ways to include students sourcing, gamification, and further flattening of the K12/college education model.