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A digital community based around helping and supporting k12 Teachers, Students and Higher Ed students in:

Phase 1 the initial stages of the Gamifi-Ed project.

With a project focus on gamification, the goal is to include as many learners as possible. To encourage learners at all different stages, and to ensure that the learners have an opportunity to have personalized learning needs met, we are offering a specific community for “extra support” with resources and learning for everyone. This community is open to all #Gamifi-ED project participants AND the public.

The #Gamifi-Ed Open Online Community (OOC) is a two week networked experience. (Feb 12-Feb 26, 2013) Experts from around the world will participate in Google Hangouts, facilitate Twitter chats, create videos, sit on panels and provide webinars that will be recorded and curated in the #Gamifi-Ed OOC wiki. Students in the project and future students will be able to use the experts in their research of serious games and game design.

We will maintain the #Gamifie-ED Community Support throughout the project, but the emphasis will be during Phase 1.

Online Communities:
Click HERE for the Edmodo Community ( #Gamifi-Ed Participants only)
Click HERE for the Google+ Community (Open to public)

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