How to Submit a Review for Gamifi-ED

There are two ways to join in and submit a review. This page is our tutorial on how to do each stage. We've included an embedded YouTube video and also a link to download the video from Dropbox if YouTube is blocked

Join the site

1 - Request to Join

Educators can request to join the site. If you request to join the site, you agree to follow our site guidelines. If you already have a Wikispaces account, sign in and skip to 47 seconds in the video to learn how to join.
Dropbox Link to Video:

2- Wait for Approval

If your request is not approved within 24-48 hours, then tweet one of the organizers @coolcatteacher @ak_leeg or @verenanz and we'll take care of it for you.

The Review Process

Before writing a review, check our A-Z listing to make sure that your game has not already been reviewed. If it has, you can add to that review by editing the page. Remember that you may not write reviews for any games that you are affiliated with in any way and you must be an educator or a student under supervision of an educator to submit according to our site guidelines.

3 - Edit a Review