Current proposed timeline
(This is being modified as we plan but gives a rough overview of what is happening.)

Higher Ed Candidates
MS or HS Students
Research and Formation
Examine: Serious Games

Create Assessment Form for Serious Games
  • Orientation and Information meetings.

  • K12 Students and Higher Ed students create evaluation form. Serious games and create a repository.
K12 Orientation and Handshakes

#Gamifi-ED OOC
Dream, Collaborate and Explore

  • K12 Orientation with Teachers starts Feb

* February 18 Student Handshake to begin the project.

  • Teacher orientations and classroom handshakes to get to know each other will happen. Students will create their multimedia artifact - Unit 1.

  • Based upon Research in Phase 1, students will craft a pitch artifact to pitch their idea to the other students.

  • The #Gamifi-Ed Open Online Community (OOC) is a two week networked experience. (Feb 12-Feb 26, 2013) Experts from around the world will participate in Google Hangouts, facilitate Twitter chats, create videos, sit on panels and provide webinars that will be recorded and curated in the #Gamifi-Ed OOC wiki. Students in the project and future students will be able to use the experts in their research of serious games and game design.
March: Phase 2: Video Creation
UBD Unit Created, Initial Supporting Documentation Created
  • Students participating in the video portion of this project will sign up to create a video based upon one of the artifacts receiving the most votes. Students will design and co-create video to produce 6-8 videos that conceptualize how serious games could help solve the world's problems.
Phase 3a: Gamification
Engage in 2? Week Hunger Games Pilot as Mentors and Participants --
Develop supporting documents for Experience
  • Students in classrooms participating in phase 3 will vote on the top video concept and will collaborate in the gamification of a minecraft module with the name to be determined by the students and advisors.
Phase 3b: Presentation
Create final proposal both written and video
  • Students, college students, and other participants will present online about the process, the experience, and the final results as they pitch their concept (and the process) to the world as they share what they’ve learned.