Quest 1:
1) Examine and investigate: Serious Games -
Students will examine serious games, game design and why games can be considered a learning tool. Students will create assessment tools to measure how “serious” games can be. These will be done as project wikis and at the conclusion students will compile the best of the best in a public wiki edited by the community.

2) Participate in the #Gamifi-Ed Open Online Community (OOC) which is a two week networked experience. (Feb 12-Feb 26, 2013) Learners from around the world will participate in Google Hangouts, facilitate Twitter chats, create videos, sit on panels and provide webinars that will be recorded and curated in the #Gamifi-Ed OOC wiki. Students in the project and future students will be able to use the experts in their personalized research of serious games and game design.

Quest 1 Questions:

  1. What is a serious game? Is there such a thing as a non-serious game?
  2. What are examples of serious games?
  3. How can serious games be evaluated?

Our Quest

  1. Evaluate the serious games that have been discovered and create recommendations and opinions on the usefulness and value of the games for improving the world and the lives of those who play them.
  2. Prepare a presentation to share the findings and create a public wiki sharing the findings.

The Educurious Hunger Games Module was the foundation for our Guiding Questions on Serious Games.