The Gamified score is a calculated score taken from our evaluation rubric. The student rubric has 7 components and the educator rubric has 8 components. Points are awarded as follows based upon the rubrics:

Student Rubric
Educator Rubric
"Rock Star"2 points
"OK"1 point
"Not OK"0 points

Each game, then, is tested by at least one student and one educator. If more than one student or educator assigns values, then the scores are averaged together. Please see our site guidelines for who can evaluate games.


We are developing badges to go with these scores. If you are a game maker and you wish to display this page, you have permission as long as you link back to the original source of the review.

What if I want my game reviewed?

If you want your game reviewed, send a tweet to @gamifi_ed

Who are the reviewers?

According to our site guidelines , the reviewers must be educators and students with no affiliation with the game being reviewed.

Can I join in and review?

Yes, you can join in. You'll need to ask to join this site and let us know who you are. Then, you should click on each area you're reviewing to see the rubric for evaluating the game. When you've finished reviewing, add the tag "copy_ed" so we can review your copy and work finish up the page and make sure a student reviews it too. [We have a video about how to do this.]