The Organizers

Here are the masterminds behind the Gamifi-ed page. The following lists contain the students and teachers involved, and their roles.


PM Akshay and Cole S
APM _ Jensen and MarLeigh

Production Management (Workflow and Assignments)

  • Production Manager: Elizabeth
  • Assignment Coordinator: Cole W

Copyediting Team

  • Lead Copywriter: Mark
  • Lead Copy Editors: Brock, Karsyn

Design Team

  • Design Coordination and Liason - Ashley
  • Lead Artist - Rebekah
  • Mary Kate & Meagan

Navigation and Organization Team

  • Gracie
  • Jason
  • Connor

Testing and Evaluation Team

  • Lead Elementary - Thomas and Jake
  • Lead Middle/ High - School - Griffin & Chandler
  • Lead Math - Leah and Mattie
  • Lead Science - Patrick and Vince
  • Lead History and Social Studies Tanner & Damon
  • Lead Literature and Language Arts
  • Lead Languages
  • Lead Simulations - Austin & David
  • Lead MMORPGs (Massively Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Games)
  • Lead PE/ Health - Mary Kate - Reid

Classroom Coordination and Marketing Team

  • Campbell
  • Cole W

University of Alaska Southeast K-12 Teachers and Technology Professionals

Class site:


Lead GameMakers

Verena Roberts


@verenanz Community Gamemaker and Connector
Verena is a Blended, Online and Open Learning Consultant. She has taught, developed curriculum and designed learning opportunities for pre-K to University level students in Western Canada, Montreal, Singapore and China. Verena created and facilitated #DigiFoot12 as her first open online course in 2012, and then the Open Classroom with ADLC. She is currently the Chief Innovation Officer with CANeLearn . She has presented at a variety of conferences and is the 2013 Award Recipient for Innovation in Blended and Online Learning from iNACOL. Verena is based out of Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Dr. Lee Graham

external image 4217483_orig.jpg

@ak_leeg Higher Ed Lead Professor and Higher Ed Gamemaker
Lee is an Associate Professor of Education who teaches at the University of Alaska Southeast and is an Honorary Senior Lecturer at the University of Liverpool. She has taught Educational Technology courses for 15 years, and most recently has experimented with open learning for graduate students, including #SEACCR and #diffiMOOC. She has presented at numerous conferences, locally, in the United States, and internationally and will be a Keynote speaker at the LiveText Conference in July. She is the recipient of the Best Practices in Online Programming (Platinum) Award from USDLA, and Faculty of the Year award from University of Liverpool/Laureate Ed.D. Programme. Lee is based out of beautiful Juneau, Alaska.

Colin Osterhout

Photo on 10-11-12 at 9.44 AM #3.jpg
@costerhout Green Belt Gamemaker
Colin is pursuing his Master's Degree in Educational Technology at the University of Alaska Southeast. He has been working as a technology specialist for over 8 years with a variety of schools in Alaska. Lately Colin has been involved with drumming up ideas for exploring STEM education inside of game environments like Minecraft. Prior to the devolution of society to Panem, Colin hopes to travel more with his wife and two small children, exploring cultures (especially the food!) and the environments that inspire them.

Vicki Davis

2014-01-08 06.39.48.jpg
coolcatteacher K12 Lead Teacher and Multimedia Gamemaker
Vicki Davis is a full time teacher and IT Director at Westwood Schools in Camilla, GA. author of the Cool Cat Teacher blog, Reinventing Writing and co-author of Flattening Classrooms, Engaging Minds. She is host of **Every Classroom Matters** on BAM Radio. She was co-founder of the Flat Classroom Projects and worked with the projects form 2006 - 2013.

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