This website is community maintained. While it was started as part of the original Gamifi-ED project, it is our hope that a community of educators will continue to edit, share, and review games in a methodical way. Follow these guidelines.

1 - Educators must supervise students

For students to join, they must have a sponsoring educator (this includes homeschool parents who can supervise their students). The educator must ask to join and note in the comment that they want to join the site and who they are as well as how many students will be part of the work.

After you're approved to join, you may start writing reviews. (See our How To Submit A Review Instructions.)

2 - If you have students

If you have students who you want to edit the wiki directly, send an email to gamifiedooc at gmail dot com and let us know you want to join in, how many students you have, and how long you want to join. Once approved, you'll be made a site organizer and can approve your students. When your students are done joining, email us so we can remove you from organizer status (so you won't keep getting join requests.)

If your students want to write the reviews and you post under your account, that is fine too.

Other Workflow Guidelines

This website follows guidelines for making games. When making a new game that is not ready to publish the reviewer should tag it draft. Also when making a new game, the game should also be tagged by the type of game it is, for example if it is a math game tag it math, and if it is a high school level game tag it High_school. You may follow our standard tags page to see how to tag games.